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Jones Falls


Jones Falls
County Carter County, TN
Elevation 3,200 ft
Latitude 36.2023134
Longitude -81.9821124

This is a very impresses waterfall on Jones Branch in Carter County, TN. The waterfall is very remote and accessed from a short sidetrail off of the Appalachian Trail. It is around 100 feet of cascading falls.

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These directions are from the Elk River Falls parking lot. This parking lot can easily be found via searching Google Maps. The overall hike is around 1.5 miles one way. You will park in NC and hike into TN.

- You have to hike from the parking lot. From the parking lot, find the forest service road that is blocked by a gate.
- Proceed around the gate. Follow this road in the downstream direction (North).
- Follow this road until it forks. Go to the left (if you go to the right, the road fords/ends at the river). The trail/road widens here and you may see a camp fire rock ring.
- The trail will follow along the side of Elk River. As it starts to go left (away from the river) you may cross a very small stream (depending on amount of rainfall it may not be visible).
- You will then cross a larger stream/branch (this is Jones Branch) and start climbing uphill. The trail at this point has blue blazes.
- You will come to a trail junction with some flat rocks. This trail that you T into is the Appalachian Trail (white blazes).
- Turn left on the AT.
- You will follow the AT for a while (not sure exact distance but estimate 0.5-1.0 miles). You will climb a set of stairs cut into the hill side. You can hear Jones Branch off to your left (but can't see) for most of the hike on the AT. However, you will turn away from Jones Branch (and think you are going the wrong direction, if you are like me). You will almost lose sound of the branch. The AT will come to a ridge and you will then turn back and start hiking back toward Jones Branch.
- When you get to a second set of steps cut into the hillside, the trail will fork and you should see a sign for Jones Falls pointing to the left.
- Go to the left (follow sign). This trail to the falls has blue blazes. this is around 0.1 miles to the falls.