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Blue Ghost Fireflies of Rocky Fork


Blue Ghost Fireflies of Rocky Fork
County Unicoi County, TN
Elevation 2,200 ft
Latitude 36.0405583
Longitude -82.5540989
We got to experience a pretty unique and amazing thing. Blue ghost fireflies in Unicoi County at Rocky Fork. Blue ghost fireflies are very rare and only live in the TN/NC region of the Appalachian Mountains. They only live as adults for 3 weeks, and only mate and don't even eat during this phase. They are unlike any other type of fireflies. They emit a very dim blue/white light and don't flash/blink. They stay lit up for up to a minute at a time and stay within a couple feet of the ground. They kind of sway back and forth in a very soothing manor. It is am awesome experience. We are so lucky to live an a region with such diverse wildlife. These photos are a composite of several 2 minute exposures.

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